This 45 minute option consists of a 30 minute fun & amazing magic show plus an additional 15 minutes of rabbit patting after the show.

Show features:

This show is specifically catered for the under 5 age group with nothing too complicated just lots of fun colourful magic, funny silly antics and non-stop interaction from start to finish.


Several helpers will be chosen to assist with the magic, PLUS one lucky child will be invited to make a live rabbit magical appear in the show. This will be a guaranteed WOW!!! reaction from all the kids.

For birthday parties:

The special birthday child becomes the star and makes the rabbit appear in the show and receives a special balloon animal as a gift.

Patting The Rabbit:

In addition to the show, All the kids are invited to pat Joey Presto's adorable cute rabbit "Harvey" after the show.

Fun Giveaways For all The Kids:

All the kids receive a delicious lollipop and a super fun colouring-in puzzle poster that transforms into a wand to take home after the show..

Show duration:

45 minutes in total - 30 minute magic show plus 15 minutes of patting the rabbit.

At a glance:

Features include:

  • Professional PA System with music
  • Fun giveaways for all the kids
  • Great photo opportunities
  • Patting of the rabbit after the show
  • No limit to numbers
  • No deposit needed


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